Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hey New Guy, Get me some more Troops while I Play this here Guitar!

Yesterday W. asked of newly appointed Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to draft up a plan for the increase of Troops specifically the Marines and Army. Talk about pressure. Let me get this straight, 5 weeks ago, the biggest thing on Mr. Gates plate prior to this was ensuring that his Aggie Fans would be patient with Francione. Can W. honestly be serious? When I was recruited back in 97 the biggest and best bargaining chip out there was getting me out of Houston. In 18 yrs prior to me leaving for the Navy, the farthest out of Houston I'd gone was New Orleans, and that wasn't much fun because I was there with my parents. I joined the Navy, got to travel and got some money for college . All in all, it was worth the 9 yrs.

Now, you can see the world with one click of a mouse, and traveling is much easier with the decrease in air fairs. What puzzles me because i've been away from it, is what kind of bargaining tool's must recruiters be using now to lure people in? I can see college benefit being put on the table, its always a draw, and most of the time its rarely ever used, so in the end, they save the money on that. But what else is there after that? Who's interested in going to Iraq? Who wants to go to Afghanistan and come home, and go back and then get transferred to Iraq? Doesn't sound to tempting if you ask me. If the polls are correct, 70% of this country is against the war and many want the troops to come home.

Draft Possibility?

You betcha! But do I support it, No way in hell. Unless you want Canada to double its population, this is a very bad idea. You want to pluck random people, from many diverse backgrounds, to fight in a war that polls show they are increasingly against. (The irony in this , is that I know homosexuals who'd have no issue joining, but theres no way in hell the military would ever let them in) Another thing the draft does is bring out the weirdos. Lets face it, are you ready to see the return of Burning Bras, we already have enough celebrities running around without underwear as it is. Could you imagine Flavor Flav protesting ? Third and finally, once they did get people in the door , the moment there told to take the Anthrax shot, you'll be ushering them right on out, so how much progress would you have really made from that?
Heres My plan For Gates
Walk up to W. and say the following. "Mr. President, with all do respect, you have got to be out of your $#^&$^# mind. If Rummy, and the Joint Chiefs couldn't bring in more troops , what makes you think I'm going to have any success. Sir, you're a helluva fella, and theres no doubt you mean well, but we need to honestly get to work on this exit strategy. I know, I know, saving Face is your #1 priority, but Mr. President, let me leave you with this; While we save face and try to convince the country that killing off there men and women is going somewhere , were getting our Asses kicked as far as public image goes world wide. And sir in the end, once you leave, it will be someone else's job to pull our FEET from the fire....RP


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So bieing with your parents in New Orleans wasn't much fun. You are entitled to your opion on George W,and the war,but consider this. If and when you read the bible,play close attention to the part that says GOD is in control, it doesn't matter what we see or think trust that he will work it out. George W is in place because God wants him there,and he will move him when its time.The devil might possibly be paying a part in some of the decisions being made,but guess what read Job,in the bible it will clearly tell you that the devil can only do what God allows him to do. ALWAYS REMEMBER WHO IS THE ALPHA AND OMEGA IN YOUR LIFE. A very good lesson to pass on to your children.

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