Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Realpeeplz Coach of the Year

Yesterday we revealed the game of the year was USC vs. Texas. Today we are revealing the coach of the year. This was tough because 2006 was the year of the under dog. A lot teams that had no business winning did exactly that.


Bill Cowher Pittsburgh Steelers
Pat Riley Miami Heat
Billy Donovan Florida Gators
Mack Brown Texas Longhons
Tony La Russa St. Louis Cardinals


Tony La Russa St. Louis Cardinals.

Tony's St. Louis Cardinals barely got into the playoffs and literally were the underdog in every series they played in. Beating San Diego, I kinda saw coming , but I gave'em no chance against the Mets and I was convinced Detroit was going to sweep them. All Tony did was beat possibly one of the greatest hitting lineups in the Mets , and one of the most powerful pitching combos in the Tigers.

Tommorow Utility Guy of the Year.


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