Friday, December 22, 2006

Realpeeplz Team of The Year

As we roll along to another award, today im focusing on Team of the Year. This one, like the ones before, wont be easy. As I mentioned an a earlier award, so many teams who werent expected to win did. So with that said , let get down to it.


Pittsburgh Steelers= Them, go into Indy, and win..Yeah right..Well they did, and not only that, they took it to Denver , and beat the Seahawks to win the Superbowl.

Texas Longhorns= Wow. Yeah im going to say this one more time, I only know of one person from start to finish who gave them a chance in the National Championship Game. What a team, what a story.

St. Louis Cardinals= Another team, not given a chance, and another team that defied the odds. I can point out the Mets series, but then I'd have no room to talk about the World Series, both they were given no shot to win.

Winner= Pittsburgh Steelers. Heres why, they had to run the table to even get into the playoffs winning 6 in a row to do so. They needed every facet of the ball had to play above and beyond, and no one player elevated this team. It took all 52 players. The Longhorns had Vince, the Cardinals Had Fat Albert, the Heat had D-wade, but this team had heart.

Next week we will be doing Sports Bad Guy of the Year, Executive of the Year and finally Athlete of the Year. Rant of the Year was all but certain when Denny went off, at least until The Donald came through with his last ditch pitch.


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