Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Realpeeplz Athlete of the Year


Vince Young= From the phenomenal Championship game, to hitting the NFL and taking the league by storm, he has came saw and conquered.

Dwayne Wade= Led his team to an NBA Championship drawing many comparisons to MJ for his ability to completely take over games in the late minutes.

Tiger Woods= All he did was win 6 straight Tournaments, 2 majors and earn just over 10 million dollars in win money. He did all this with the death of his father weighing heavily on his shoulders.


Tiger Woods= It was hard not to pick Tiger Given his body of work this year. Yes Vince did great things, but his story is still incomplete. Dwayne Wade, led his team to a championship, but Shaq was there. When Tiger hit the golf course, people knew it and ran. His best performance came in the PGA Championships, there he beat the runner up by 5 strokes, posting a score of
-18. That's the equivalent of scoring 50 in a championship game or throwing 4 touchdowns.


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