Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Realpeelz Executive of TheYear

Initially this was going to be Sports Executive Award but after further consideration, I've decided to add the Hip Hop Executive's to this Category as well. (Seing that I do cover music as well) Maybe its apples and oranges, maybe its not even a discussion, but on this page it is, so with that said the nominees are:

Shawn Carter CEO Def Jam Records= Young Jeezy Rick Ross NAS, Rhianna, and Himself are just a couple of successes he had this year.

Rick Mueller Director Of Player Personnel New Orleans Saints= Drafting Reggie Bush and Marques Colson, along with Signing Drew Brees in the off season has resulted in a new look team that is currently on to of its division

Jerry Colangelo Phoenix Suns GM= All this guy does is make his team competitive. They lost Amare Stoudamire last year and retooled the team with Raja Bell, Boris Diaw and Jermaine Jones. This team is always atop of the Western Conference, and with a healthy Steve Nash,
there my pick to go all the way.

Rick Meuller = The Saints are a team no one expected to be where there at. This team was 3-13 last year and headed no where. The additions to this team have rebuilt it from a joke to a serious contender. This after Hurricane Katrina came through and totally swept away all the hopes and dreams of a city. Even though this is just football, and not life, the Saints play is at least instilling hope in that city. All do to the winning product they have on the field.


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