Monday, March 12, 2007

Valerie Lopez...Worst Mom Candidate of the Year #1

Valerie Lopez(19) was arrested early Saturday Morning just outside of the southeast side of San Antonio with the beating death of her 1 1/2 year old girl and the "accidental death" of her 5 month year old son from rolling over on him. Now here's where the story gets worse, rather then turn herself in, she decides, along with the help of her boyfriend to bag the babies up, and bury them underneath her house. Now the sad part about this is, she'd have gotten away with it, had it not been for the horrible smell coming from there house over the past 3 months....

3 f--king months..So when the bodies were discovered last Tuesday (only 8 miles from my JOB and decomposed ) the manhunt for her and her boyfriend was on. They were spotted at a local Dollar General, a local Walgreen's Pharmacy and finally witnesses saw them trying to flee on foot from an abandon house and that's when they were apprehended.

I normally dont push for the death penalty..I feel personally that the purpose of jail is to repent, and if I can remember anything from my chruch going days, it would be that forgiving is devine, but in this case, I wish nothing but the worse for this woman. I cant imagine a time so tough in your life that you cant pick up the phone and call someone. I have many friends who are willing to adopt, and I know many people who are just dying to help when people are in need..Im sure Valerie knows people as well... This is one of those crimes where finding forgiveness, could really test the faith you have in the human spirit...

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