Friday, March 02, 2007

Jigga Jr..The Life and Time of Shawn Carter JR

Jig-ga whats my Mutha F$%^*&*N name my Daddy..And who he rolling with huh? Be-yo-nce... Daddy betta get right , Daddy betta get it right...When I heard of the possibility that Jay-z could have a kid floating around out there I for one was in complete denial..That was, until I saw this picture..Now dont get me wrong, this could could be anybodies child, but damn if those lips and eyes dont look like the show stopping Best Of both Worlds and Black Album star Jay-z's.

What makes this story worse, is evidently Jigga paid his alleged baby momma off so he would not be on the birth certificate..I thought Jay loved the kids?? Im gonna stick by my guns on this one and assume that this is indeed his kid. If I'm wrong, (as most of my readers know i tend to be ) well it wouldnt be the first time
For what its worth if this is Jay-z's baby momma, I could think of alot worse he could have impregnated...More photos can be found on


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