Monday, February 26, 2007

On Location the Oscars, and Random Thoughts

Sorry for the late reply peepz, Im in King City Ca. for my J-O-B...If I got you for a moment, I wanna give a shout out to Jennier Hudson and Forrest Whittaker. Jennifer did her thang in Dreamgirls, and if you haven't seen it by now, then you're missing out on a truly classic movie. As for Forrest Whitaker, Ive always believed that man is a powerful actor. Every role he's ever played has made you believe that the character was a real person, and often times, you felt like you could connect with him.

Over the past 2 weeks CNN has ran special documentaries asking the question is Hip Hop Art or Poison. I believe it to be both, but I lean more towards art. You see as an art form hip hop allows many to freely express there thoughts on a variety of topics ranging from where you are from to, to how you got where you are, and more recently what you do with your money once you get paid..The highs and lows of life are brought into lyrical form that can take you into a world that some may never live, but can illustrate with the best of them.
Thats where the poison is, fantasy land. A lot of what you see in the videos does not happen in the everyday lives of these rappers. It would be nice to hop out of a CL-5 with Lamborghini doors hit the club and pop bottles of Crystal, but realistically, maybe 8% of the professionals in hip-hop can actually have a day like the one i just typed up. I call this poison because it tells our young people that material things are the ultimate sign someone is successful..Not what they do in the community, or what they give back to there family. Until hip hop can police hip hop , people like NAS call Hip Hop dead and I dare anyone to prove him wrong..Quick, tell me the 5 hottest songs on the radio, I dare you tell me one them that doesn't use one of the following terms, ICE, WHIPS, CHAINS , BITCHES, and MONEY.


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