Monday, July 30, 2007

Hot Vs. Cold

I'm a warmblooded person..Always have been. I need to walk in my home and have it at least 73 to survive. I'm from Texas, heat is something I grew up with but couldn't stand. My wife however, African Pride in all couldn't be more opposite. You'd think someone from one of Africa's most southern countries would enjoy the streaming cool breeze of an AC cranked down to 70 at night, and 75 during the day, but no , she needs it HOT..I'm talking damn near suffocating you in your sleep, bead of sweat running down your face HOT...

And what makes this worse is, its not just her. You see my old man needed it hot as well well. He needed it so hot i swear at times I could see condensation building on the walls and posters falling off from the heat. Sad part is, he'd still be cold. I remember I went home to visit my mom and dad once and I swear to you, in August he had the heater on, and set to 86. If you've never been to Texas in August, let me give you a very brief synopsis. Its typically 90-95 in the morning with about 90% humidity in some cities..Houston being one of them. I was seconds away from getting a hotel room. The blasphemy of going home and staying in a hotel is easy to endure when your hotel room is set to 60.

This brings me to today. So I work in an office with about 9 of us on a good day. 7 of us are of the agreement that the thermostat shouldn't ever go above 73. The other 2 tend to think otherwise. Now, neither of the people who enjoy the Devil sitting in the building are of any concern as far as rank and file go, but both are logistics. Essentially the rubber band men of either company. And both stay late. Well one of these S.O.B.'s had to work on Friday until 7pm. He decided he'd leave the heater on at 80. No big deal as long as he remembers to turn the thing back down so come Monday were not dying. Well, he forgot. I opened up the door this morning to go to work and it was so hot, my keyboards was sticking. So hot that the Vitamin Water I left out was hotter then p!$$.

So my very weird Monday topic is, how do you deal with the Coldblooded? These people are so easily frozen that they need to drink soft drinks with cozy's. These are the people who when you walk in there house weighing 175, you leave it at 170. These are those very special people who when riding in the car with you , will adjust your AC to the middle setting of Heat and Cold, when outside its so hot that your temperature gauge is about to run off the dashboard.


At 2:11 PM , Blogger P said...

My Ex was like that. It was really creepy. He would NEVER put on the air conditioner in his car and in my car he would gripe like a bitch when I put mines on (which I run for most of the year, I guess I'm hotblooded - hahaha).

And he was always grabbing covers and bundling up on his bed very metrosexual and shit.

As for what we did, hell my opinion is that you can get warm, but you can generally never cool down as fast, so I think the hot blooded people WIN! Or at least the even tempered. What do YOU think?

At 2:42 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

I agree totally..

I tld my co-worker exactly that..When its cold , you can grab a jacket, but when its hot, theres really nothing you can do..

Its swealtering hot down here in SA now and our work ac was busted all day..I had to take personal time today it was so hot...


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