Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Guess Who's Starting for the Atlanta Falcons....

Raise your hand if you DIDNT see this one coming. Yes Falcon Fans (and OOKIE Fans) Roger Goodell has finally put his foot down on the Don King of Dog-Fighting and told him that he needs sit his hot ass down and focus on his legal woes. Though we at Realpeeplz are by and large NFL fans, we have a very soft spot in our heart for one Michael "Ookie Ron Mexico" Vick. He was the dazzling fresh faced kid who almost single handedly beat FSU all by himself. He was the mesmerizing Second Yr. Stud who took his team to Lambeau Field and beat Brett "The Diva" Favre. In his fourth yr, he took his team to the NFC Championship Game, and just recently as a QB he rushed for 1000 yards.

There are beast in the game , and then there are Gods. Mike Vick, for a very limited time , had reached god like status to us . Apparently to Arthur Blank as well, as he paid him the Godly Salary of 100+ million dollars to continue being well Mike Vick. However, now it seems as if all of his accomplishments, all of the promise, and all of the hard work are all going to get flushed away b/c this very polished and poised QB, couldn't make a key life choice thus ruining his name.

The Crime.

Ookie is currently being charged with Promoting, Transporting and Fighting Dogs to the Death across states in what appears to be nothing more then a hobby of culture. At least this is the argument uneducated Black Folk would want you to hear. I tend to think a little bit differently. I see this as a failure on Michael's behalf of divorcing himself from the negative lifestyle that many of us came from.

None of that matters now though. Roger has spoken loud and clear. Michael kick bricks. Joey, you're in. Now for my Falcon fans reading this, I know what you're thinking, its just camp, he probably wouldn't have done much anyway. Well, this is where you're wrong. You see, there's a new sheriff in Atlanta, and the sheriff that you guys brought in was hired specifically b/c of his offense. Who pray tell is the leader of any NFL offense?? Yep you guessed it, the QB. Another juicy tidbit about this sheriff, where he came from, The QB of that team will be a Sr. and many have him as the top rated QB in next yrs NFL draft. How long you think this charade's gonna keep going before he tells Mr. Blank that a change needs to be made?

Attention all Professional Athletes Thuggish Mentalities will no longer be Tolerated

By now most of you know, It started with David Stern changing the NBA Dress code, and fining out the rectum for any and all fights. Now Roger Goodell has chimed in. You muddy his rep, he sits you without pay. Get the drift? Thugs are no longer welcomed in professional sports. You had a good run in the 90's and early 2k's but its a new day. Its time for you guys to put the Weed down, marry your baby momma, (or I don't know where a condom perhaps) invest in a suit , and become the ambassadors of your games you get paid kings ransoms to play. Consider Michael Vick an intervention. He was actually good at his game , and as it stands he's getting paid to NOT attend camp. Wait till the verdict comes down last year, his wallet will feel the bite his Ass put him in.

Well if you got this far don't worry Vick fans, things are gonna pick up. He'll play this year and be forced to sit the next. (Assuming the Feds don't give him Jail Time) Who says all athletes cant be role models, as I type this, all those thoughts I had about dog fighting just blew away. Oh wait, they were never there to begin with. I guess I was fortunate enough to know when to leave the hood exactly where it was. In the hood.


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