Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This is probably the Closest to Vick Arthur Blank will ever be Again

In Honor Of Michael Vick's Indictment, the Song you're listening to now on the other side is Maroon 5's Make me Wonder.. Here's the Hook to the song . hopefully it lets you know where I'm going with this..
"Gimme something to believe in , cuz I dont believe in
you anymore, anymore."

Yesterday, as im sure many of you heard, Michael Vick was indeed indicted on charges of Dogfighting yesterday and I dont know if any of you read the descriptions, but from an outsiders perspective, If I didn't know any better, I'd swear Vick thought the dogs to be nothing more then a game to him. Get this, they would actually electrocute, HANG, or slam the dogs to the ground after they lost. Hang, damn thats really f#cked up. Black folk have no reason to come anywhere near a knuse, and now allegedly, one of the ones on possibly one the biggest stages out there, is hanging dogs. What, did drowning the dogs in the pool get to boring? Man I know these are just allegations, but EVEN IF Mike does get away from this untouched, he really needs to check his homeys at the door.

Pacman Jones and Carmelo Anthony think that Mike Vick has a messed up entourage. Whats hurts the most about this is, Mike Vick represented at least to me, a person from my generation playing professional sports who even though he represented the streets , knew how to keep that part separated from his professional life. At least I thought he did. If he beats this case, PETA is gonna go nuts in Atlanta. Furthermore, if he is indeed innocent, I surely hope that this sends a message to those athletes out there who still cling to there boys from the hood. When you get your money, be sure that your boys have theres as well. Nothing good can come from a bunch of bored Hood Negroes that you shack up in a Upscale estate.
So my question for you is, what are the odds you see Mike Vick in a Falcons jersey in the 08-09 season?

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At 2:25 PM , Blogger P said...

You'll have a better chance trying to sell beans to make a beanstalk.

At 5:13 PM , Blogger smoothie said... never know as much rain as weve been getting in San Antonio, the soils pretty lose..Yeah right. Right now, as a vick Football fan, i'll be glad with him just making it through this season..Lord knows Ookie wont be around for the next one..I got it at 2:1 odds he gets suspended for the year in 08-09


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