Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Whos The Most Hated Pool

So in this very slow part of the entertainment/sports world, me and a couple of very drunk motivated homies came up with a post that im sure everyone will get a kick out of.. Most Hated...To be hated nowadays doesnt require much work.. Barry Bonds is hated simply b/c he did what many others did in an era when everyone looked away. Beyonce is hated simply b.c of her fame. I personally feel Al Sharpton is a Race baiting soapboxer, and Steven A Smith to quote Jigga
Had a spark when he first started, but now he's just

Heres How it works, Throughout the course of the next week orso, ill be running a tourney style bracket (Think College basketball) and widdling it all the way down to the most hated person in The Entertainment/Political/Sports /and Media World. Im going to have 4 brackets with 16 people in each and at the end, the most hated person will be profiled in full view for that following week...

The Four Regions Are As Follows :

The Barry Bonds Region (West Coast)
1. Barry Bonds (accused of cheating)
16 Arnold Schwarznegger (accused of being fake)

8. Michael Irvin (accused of stupid suits and off the wall comments)
9. Al Davis (accused of ruining a Once great Football Team)

5. Snoop (accused of Making West Coast to Commercial)
12 . The State Of Utah (accused of being Utah)

4. The Game(Accused of talking a good game but not backing it up)
13. Venus Williams (accused by white media for being lazy and fat)

6. E-40 (accused by East Coast Hip Hop of grand buffoonery and stupid stupid lingo)
11. Rasheed Wallace (Accused Entire West Coast of No hip hop talent and Trashy)

3. Kobe Bryant (accused of Cheating on wifey, w/whitey, Hatin on teammate & Fleeing )
14. Jim Rome (accused of coming off as a sarcastic Ass)

7. Keyshawn Johnson (accused of loving yourself to much)
10. OJ Simpson (accused of self race hate, guilt of rich, and daring to write a book that detailed if you did it)

2. Paris Hilton ( accused of guilt of rich , special prvi, no talent , and snake charming)
15 Matt Linehart (accused of hating on Texas and being far to metro for football )

The Al Sharpton Region ( East Coast)

1. Al Sharpton (accused of race baiting, self aggrandizing, soapboxing and failure to stfu)
16. Larry Brown (accused of hit and run coaching, getting teams good, and then demanding more money or leaving..)

8. Vivica Fox (accused of soapboxing and Hollier then thou syndrome)
9. Eli Manning (accused of being severely overrated)

5. Wayne Brady ( accused of not living up to potential/self race hate on BIG stage)
12 BET(Yes the Channel) (accused of forgetting what made you what you are now)

4. Jay-Z (accused of going to commercial and forgetting the roots of your gangsta
13 Fantasia (accused of blowing up literally when you made it. Mix in the salad)

6. Fox News Channel (accused of hating Black People and Democrats)
11. Randy Moss (accused of doggin it in Oakland)

3. P Diddy (accused of not signing any REAL talent since Big Left/ Commercialization of Hip Hop, shiny suits etc..
14 Nick Cannon ( Accused of bangin certified Dyme's despite physical evidence to justify why)

7. Alex Rodriguez (accused of lousy playoff play, and being to metro)
10 Lindsay Lohan (accused of not knowing right from wrong, and teetering into damaged goods)

2. Flavor Flav (Setting The Race Back, Banging Certified Dymes With no physical evidence to justify why, 3 to many baby mommas and Bringing New York to all of us)
15. Omarion (accused of not being original.)

The Beyonce Region (Dirty South )
1. Beyonce (accused of getting big and becoming hollier then thou)
16. Lil Flip (accused of setting Houston Rap Back )

8. Usher (accused of being conceded and hollier then thou)
9. Terrell Owens (accused of loving thy self and selling out teammates)

5. Reggie Bush (accused of stupidity Kim K and not Ciarra WTF) and being to metro)
12. Jessie Jackson (accused of not fighting real racial issues and race bating)

4. Pacman Jones (accused of pretending to be mother nature, and giving fellow ballers bad name)
13. Yao Ming (accused of soft big man play)

6. Jermaine Dupri (accused of banging Certified Dyme and Goddess even though theres no evidence to justify why..Accused of making South to commercial)
11. Jeb Bush (accused of getting W. in office)

3. Thurbert Baker (accused of keeping Genarlow Wilson in Jail)
14. Master P(accused of overall cornyness in a period when rap was at its most vulnerable.

7. Britney Spears (accused of not knowing who to marry, and not knowing how to maintain ones self)
10. D4L (accused of overall cornyness and one hit wander that put ghetto in the gutter)

2. Mike Vick (accused of running Octagon MMA IFL Dog fights. Accused of dirty penile activity)
15. Lil Bow Wow (Accused of rolling with J. Dupri)

Steven A. Smith Region (North)

1. Steven A. Smith (accused of not knowing when your 5 min. of fame are up..Yelling and bo-regarding ESPN..Part of the Debate era which ruined that station)
16. Ja Rule (accused of not knowing what to do with your talent

8. Stuart Scott (accused of bo-jangling and selling race down the river for ESPN..)
9. Allen Iverson (accused of bringing thug mentality to NBA..We talkin bout Practice)

5 Lil Kim (accused of looking like a Cabbage Patch Kid)
12. Mariah Carey (accused of hollier then thou syndrome and failure to date bruthas)

4. Nancy Grace (accused of overstepping boundaries at CNN )
13. Nelly (accused of commercializing hip hop )

6. Whitney Houston (accused of being a crackhead)
11. Foxxy Brown (accused of hollier then thou syndrome..pay me homage..WTF)

3. 50 Cent (accused of eating the Whole Cake and leaving G-unit Frosting on the box side.)
14. Nas (accused of 1up 1 down syndrome 1 HOT Cd will always be followed by eh...)

7. Akon (accused of being nigrish on stage )
10. R. Kelly(accused of sex with a minor, and openly admitting to pulling another mans gal)

2. Bill O' Reilly (accused of hate of all things hip hop. accused of having guest on his show just to yell at them. failure to let anyone get there point across)
15. Bruce Bowen (accused of being Dirtiest player in the NBA.. and Cheap moves that injure players )

The Winner Of The Barry Bond Region Will Face The winner of the Beyonce Region one one side, and the Winner of the Al Sharpton Region will face the winner of the Steven A. Smith Region on the other side..

In the end the winner of the two will face off in the final.. Winner gets dedication week on my board....All voting can be conducted via email or post.. I will have the winner posted on Monday.


At 3:56 PM , Blogger P said...

I dunno.

It's a toss up between the Steven A. Smith (and yes, his 15 minutes of fame are up) and the Al Sharpton region.

Al Sharpton Region Finalists:

Vivica has turned from a beautiful, slender woman, to a woman straight from Botox Hell.

Alex Rodriguez: **SIGH**

Lindsay Lohan: Death Watch, 2007 -Female

Stephen A. Smith Region:

Nancy Grace: But for her TV Prescence, she looks like she is the wife of a grand wizard. She is quick to call a white chick "Sweet Faced" and a criminal (of color) an Animal.

Foxxy Brown: This girl lost her hearing for months. She was given it back, by grace, and now she is being a hot mess again?

Fiddy - Death Watch, 2007 (Male)

Bill O'Reilly: I can't get past the fact that he tries to act so ultra conservative when he was, just shy of the beginning of the millenium, the host of the tawdry "Inside Edition"

At 4:48 PM , Blogger smoothie said...


im getting alot why wasnt so and so rated higher...we got extremly bored at work while doing this..

i have al sharpton going all the way, but bill o reilly is one tough person to beat

At 8:26 AM , Anonymous D. Phillips said...

First off R.I.P. to the "n" word. But much like historical black figures and events, it may be dead but its spirit lives on through some of us. So with that said I have a three way tie between three people who display the most authentic "n" word behavior. M. "Rednose" Vick he loves his dogs to death, Adam "Rainman" Jones with so many arrests and run ins with the law he may be making it rain on his lawyers, and last but not least Akon Kelly. Richard Pryor stated that upon visiting Africa he didn't see any niggers, Well Akon is living proof that there are "n" words in africa. This kid has morphed R. Kelly and Tony Yayo into a lil body and is on a full out warpath against teenage boys and girls. He has come through and just about raped and pillaged two so far. Its like he's an African Viking. As a matter of fact thats his knew nickname the African Viking. Now all we need is that flavor flav hat and.. hey you know what he is the reincarnate of america's (white people) favorite negro. Akon can join the ranks of Flav, Mike Tyson, and any crime witness who gets interviewed on the evening news ( you know they pick the most uneducated brothas and sistas they can find. Its like c'mon out of this community of hundreds of black people they go straight to the brother who just finished his fifth or sixth cold one, ask him and use words he wouldn't understand sober, and let the cameras roll). I'm sorry for going off on a tangent but as u can see I'm concerned.

At 1:11 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

The African Viking!!!!!!!

Oh goody..man i was going through my emails, and cats were telling me that he BETTER BE in the top final 4 or there through with me...

how does he tap the nerve he does with people...


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