Thursday, June 28, 2007

18-22 NBA Draft

18TH GS OTC..As long as he's tall and can rebound its a win..Think Col. Big man..Once again im wrong..This is Marco Belinelli SG Italy..I know nothing about him..I just hope he can shoot..I see alot of Manu in him...Nellie loves euro's.

19th Kobe's Team ..I know one thing, It wont be another big man..Bynum is the future.
I suspect this will be a 4..Wrong Again,,This Sucks..Javaris Crittenton G tech..This is and interesting pick. Why JC..You took Farmar last year, and Smush gets decent minutes.. I cant wait for the next Kobe video

20th Shaq and D-wade are next..This needs to be some guard who can compliment D-Wade..Prob is, most of the good ones are gone..EXCEPT Almond from Rice..Once again Im wrong..Jason Smith Colorado..Can you say were building for life without Shaq..
I like this kid. Hes tough, and can grab boards..Not the best scorer, but can finish in the paint..Shaq will serve as a great mentor..

Biggio Just got 2999..I think its suspect... Grey is grilling Mitch and, he just said no one is safe..Could Kobe be on the move? Jesus what would you get in return..Stevens killin the Buss Fam.

21st. Motown Philly Back Again. Dequan Cook Ohio St..Breaking News this is a traded pick..Dequan's going to Mia..Is he going to be Dwades Compliment..I dont think so, but he can learn alot from Posey.. Smith going to Philly is solid..They got there rebounder.
He gonna bring some heart to that post..

22nd MJ's Bobcats are Back ..Who knows ..I'll throw Almonds name out there though..Best pure shooter left..Jared Dudley BC proved me wrong again..Thats ok though..I like this kid. He can shoot, score from anywhere and is more athletic then given credit for. He lacks hieght for the 4, but with Wright and Okafor, thats ok..He'll push Larry Bird Jr. For minutes..


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