Thursday, June 28, 2007

3 -7 Nba Draft.

If another trade happens, I'll be posting early to update it..

In the Durant pick I meant to say read below..

3rd Atlanta Should Take Conley...BUT, they took Al Horford Instead...My spidy sense is telling me some ATL CATS are gonna burn that Sum' bitch down tonight..Mike Conley is Tony Parker..Al Horford, was picked to erase the Shleden Williams taste out of there mouths...
Catz a solid player..check my blog, I love him, I just think he isnt a better prospect then Conley..
Al, welcome to the log jam...

4th Memphis selects Mike Conley..Finally Pau Gasol has some help..In my mind, he is going to be very special..

5th Seattle via Boston select Jeff Green Georgetown..The Poormans Scottie Pippen. He's Mr Intangible..Solid Safe pick Can pass, knock down perimeter shots and play 40+ minutes nightly. Durant has his Scottie for years to come..

6th Milwaulkee..Can you say cotroversy?? If this is YI I can..His people want nothing to do with Packerland..Confirmed..Yi-Jianlian China..Now heres my problem, dont you have Bogut there? Whats with this front office?? No faith in the Americans..Offensivly skilled, but Stamina will be an issue.
ESPN is killing the Eli Manning esk controversy

7th You heard it hear 1st. If this is a Big Man, KG will be gone..BTW, It should be Noah. Steven A. makes his voice heard..KG avg. 22 and 12..damn..beastly...Twolves select
Cory Brewer, Florida..KG isnt going anywhere..The best defensive player in the draft..Cory can check 1-4 on the court..He's very athletic, and can finish..Him, KG, and Foye are a playoff team.

More to come


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