Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Call Me crazy , but If I Ran Portland..Id take Durant!

I already know what yall thinking..Smooth remember when you typed this , and in it you said that Oden was "beastly and dominated catz who will probably be lottery picks." This is true, and I stand by all of it, HOWEVER, Kevin Durant is ready now..Hold me to this, he'll be if Rashard Lewis is traded like many expect, Durant will average 18 and 9 as a rookie..People, thats monsterous as a rookie...

My case For Durant

Offensively ready for the NBA..Has all the tools you could want..Long, athletic, can play with his back to the basket, can defend on the perimeter as well as in the paint, is unselfish and tries can play 40+ minutes nightly if need be..On defense, he can block shots, rebound, and guard athletes who he may give up 4 inches to on either side..

Needs to bulk up..Not very strong, and should work on his handles..There ok but I wouldnt trust him bringing it up court vs. NBA Guards...

NBA Comparison
At His Best: Tracy Mc Grady
If he were Average: Tayshawn Prince
At his worst: James Posey

All Star Potential 10 based on a 1-10 scale..

Case For Greg Oden

Pure 7ft Drop step prospect that comes around Once maybe twice every 10 yrs...Following along the lines of Amare Stoudamire, Josh Howard, and Tim Duncan, Greg will be expected wherever he goes to be a Paint Established Monster..He's unstoppable in the NBA CIRCLE area, has great hands and is a rebound machine. Against top level talent he always brings his A game and he is probably the best shot blocker to come around since Theo Ratliff.. If he works on his offense, wherever he plays there will be Championship Banners within 5 yrs..I guarantee it..Great NBA Body.

His wrist is very iffy..He hasnt played at 100% since his senior year in High School. He desperately needs to work on his 8ft. jumper. I consider him very fresh on offense. He'll find out quick in the NBA that he's not the BMOC..(Big Man On Campus)

NBA Comparison
At his Best: Tim Duncan
If he were Avg: Emeka Okafor
At his Worst: Eddy Curry

All Star Potential 8 based on a 10 point scale..

Greg is going into a position that by design doesnt require lots of touches offensively in order to be effective..But in this NBA where more and more offenses are going to a run and gun mentality, he's gonna have to be on a horse. Especially in the West.

Kevin can create his own shot, and run for days. He would be a perfect base to build around, or if in Seattle , he can serve as the Scottie Ray Allen could have to take the pressure off..

In the end I'd take Kevin Durant..While I believe BOTH will have great NBA careers, Kevin just has all the tools to be something very special


At 1:53 PM , Blogger P said...

Although I think Christ is the Second Coming, I think Kevin is a basketball GOD who will bring much of what the NBA lacks now. Excitement, along with important fundamentals that he has exibited.

Let's bring the excitement of the R.I.P, ABA back into the yawn that has become the NBA.

At 4:50 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

this is the truth...bettah words coulnt have been spoken myself..


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