Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gatorz Stomp, Hat tip to Greg Oden

First Off, Id like to take this time out to say Florida did it one mo' gin..AS PREDICTED...With that said, If you give me a minute, allow me to deliver my personal take on last night s Championship Game...

Big Men Matchup

I said
" Gatorz Should Dominate, given the numbers 3 vs. 1 against Oden "

What really happened was: They threw 4 catz at Robbert Parrish Jr. and I'll be the first to admit it , he dominated against each and every one of them. It got to the point to where I honestly thought he was going to single handily bring his team back. 25 points and 12 rebounds..People thats Beaslty...Period.

Backcourt Matchup

I said
"Humphrey Green and Brewer are all different entities each provide a lethal does of slash, streak shooting, and sharp shooting perfection to the table that
combined will dominate the buckeyes back court."

What really Happened was: Exactly that. Oden had no help when the 2-3 zone came out. I for saw this unfortunately. Big men need to know that when doubled they can get the ball out to a proven shooter who will make you pay. Well if you consider that the buckeyes went 4-23 from behind the arc, that tells you that this team is in DESPERATE need of a shooter.

Bottom Line.
Florida's up and down Offense ultimately proved to be to much for the slow down pace of Ohio st. The Buckeyes had came back from there past 3 games but this time, this night, they had to control the game from jump street, and that just wasnt going to happen.

For my pool peepz, I went 3-1 and earned a grand total of XXX. .00's AND 50 CENT. I also won my Internet bet, so For all my 2PAC followers next week click over to
bgdboom where my boy E will be paying homage to the man known for his brash style and his signature glass of hennesey.....


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