Thursday, March 29, 2007

Memba When Starter Jackets....

Peepz, ive created a new category on the page called" Memba When"..Essentially, i try to take you back to a time you have forgotten when it came to fashion, cars, dances or etc...I figured, I come out swinging with my first topic.

Memba when in 1991 Starter Jackets were THE jacket, and you just had to have one? I had an LSU Tigers Starter Jacket that I about wore into the ground...Hell, I got my first girlfriend rocking the black purple and yellow creation known as fighting tiger..My first fight came in respect to that jacket as well..I wasnt just about to give it away to these 2 cats who tried to strongarm me for it when i was walking home one day..I also memba when if you had a Raiders Jacket, everybody thought you were in a gang. Then around 93 orso the bubble jacket hit the scene and starters just kinda faded away...Well if you had one, tell me about your Starter Jacket exp.....


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