Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Joshua's Tree..On Location In Ontario Cali, and Random Thoughts

My peepz, I say sorry for the late post, but I got to Ontario Late last night, and the drive to Joshua's Tree California from just outside EAST LA seemed like forever..First impressions, is this place is hot. Were in the desert, and I have seen a grand total of 2 rattle snakes and a coyote. Peepz, im not a big fan of desert wildlife, so expect limited coverage on this topic.

It appears Pacman will be brought up
on Charges from making it rain in the scrip club..Good thing he didnt bring heat to the joint, he may already be arrested.

The Pursuit Of Happyness is now on
DVD fam, I cant tell you when ive seen Will Smith play a better role. Plus, part of me is a little upset his son didnt win an award. His son was great in that movie.

Vida Guerra, popular pinup and video vixen
has challenged the game to take a lie detector test amid allegations of him making it to third base with her, or in terms my peepz can better relate to giving her the finger....literally..My 2 centz honestly, is that Game is full of it. Her stars to high, but with these things you never know. Im looking forward to his response, which is sure to be colorful.

Finally, ive been getting some mixed reviews on my Tim Hardaway rant I delivered about 3 weeks ago. Anywhere from Gays are immoral, to way to be a voice out there supportive of human rights. I want to set the record strait , so in the future I dont find myself typing one of these again.. What Tim Hardaway said was stupid. Flat out. To say that you wish a certain group of people who from what I know of them are born that way shouldnt be allowed to be in this country or this earth for that matter is about as bigoted as it gets. Many of my bible quoting, Hollier then thou readers have been quick to point out that its not a practice that god approves of ..(HOMOSEXUALITY)..Well to them I say this, the God I was brought up to believe in is a very understanding and forgiving GOD. He puts people in positions to see how they can handle them, and challenges there faith to test there loyalty..Im pretty sure the cross homosexuals bare across the world will be justified by him in his time. The best I can do as a human being is support whatever decision a fellow human being does thats best for him or her and there family and not act as a moral judge and jury..A trait many unknowingly are very guilty of.

Holla at cha boy.......e


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