Thursday, March 22, 2007

What if Pokey were named Big Pokey??

A hands on Coach who worked her Fingers to the bone
- Tymeka Jones
That quote was so easy that I decided to just let it be..Let it simmer if you will..
A nationally recognized college basketball coach has resigned because of an improper relationship conducted between her and one of her players. And to this very day, even though the story is now 2 weeks old, I have yet to hear the outrage. Pokey Chatman, should be getting crucified in the National Media, and message boards, but you know what i hear, comments like these
Man Pokey and a player, I wander who the player was
I wander how many more girls were involved and was there tape?

You have yet to hear some mother on CNN or Fox News go on and on about how they trust a coach to act responsible, or how this can now create a void in trust. Sadly, I dont think you ever will either. You know why, because Pokey is a woman. Much like her female counterpart teachers who have been getting much lighter sentences then the men who have had affairs with students across the country, she to will be handled with kid gloves, and within a 2 years mark my words, she will be coaching again. This is the kind of shish that pisses me off.

Double Standards.

Real Talk...Lets nod kid ourselves. If Pokey's name was Big Pokey, he'd be a Talking Points slam dunk of the year surpassing OJ, Flava Flav, and Pacman Jones all in one shot. There'd be picketers, lawsuits, and women calling into sports talk radio asking how could he be so vile, so rotten, and so oblivious to his actions. The BIG S question would have came out, and we all know once its Statutory, its rape. Period.. But alas none of that has surfaced, I promise you it never will. In its place in this case are cat calls, playboy shoots, and request for the video feed.
I guess the media has much more better things to do then POKE around a sensitive topic. I'm sure for Pokey that's fine by her..


At 11:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you paying attention?

There has been a great deal of outrage, depite the fact that we have NO facts about the issue. The accusations are about a FORMER player, with nothing clear about whether it occured when she was an active player. And it's important to note that Chatman was also a FORMER player, then a grad assistant, then an assistant coach, associate coach, interim head coach and finally head coach. Since we have no dates, and no names, we have no idea what kind of "power" Chatman had in this situation at all.

As for statutory rape, it would not apply in this case at all, regardless of gender, since college students are adults in the eyes of the law.

And there have been a large number of cases of male coaches developing relationships with FORMER (female) players and they are still coaching. So apparently there is a double standard ...

At 12:40 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

Good Response

To your First point,

Can you show me 1 Article from anywhere where theres an outraged parent, or Media Critic calling for her to be either A Brought up on charges, or B asking that she never coach again.

To your second point :
Youre correct statutory rape wouldnt apply, but i didnt say it would, I said, if it were a man that term would be thrown around at least once by now.

To your 3rd point

name a male Womens College Bball coach who had an affair with one of his players and got hired again and I'll stand corrected..but for now, i stand by my point.

Bottom Line is Pokey is recieiving more articles depicting the shock in her actions more then outrage. If her name were John and he were sleeping around with players, theres no way John wold ever be hired anywhere again, and the "National" media circus would never end.


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