Thursday, March 15, 2007

Remember this Dance Gator Haterz..

Its called the Jayhawk Stomp, and youll be seeing it again soon. Somehow, I just know it


At 12:46 PM , Anonymous enigmatik said...

i'd like to jeopardize the accuracy of my bracket by saying that florida will now lose in the first round.

At 4:53 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

even though its to late to change, dont worry , i'll be reposting this the moment the jayhawks lose to the gatorz....

however if the jayhawks win, i might have to take the board down for

At 5:32 PM , Blogger P said...

What you know bout the big dance, Smoothie?


At 4:45 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

judging by Duke's lost Yesterday

Absolutly NOTHING


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