Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Idol Stole 2 Hours of my Life/ and Scandal

And I am severely pissed!!!! Last night, was Motown Night, and typically they'll bring a Motown Great in to pep the gang up.. Last night it was Diana Ross who decided to show up and give the gang some support with her music....Im here to tell you for those didn't see the show, it was probably the WORST AMERICAN IDOL SHOW EVER....Of the 12 performers last night, only 1 person proved to me that if I were driving along in a car, I would stop to listen to them sing, and that was Lakisha Jones....Malinda Doolittle was ok to me, she could have did alot better, and Stephanie Edwards, kinfolk sang one verse about 50 times in her 2:30....

As for who should be going home, well lets see, Sanjaya (the guy who would cause quite the ruckus if he ever got locked up) Haley, Chris S, and as much as this hurts me Brandon all should be shown the door. Since we cant send 4 people home in one night, one can only hope that Sanjaya is shown the door....

What makes last night worse, is at no time did they go into Mario Vazquez.

For those who may have watched last year Vazquez was the guy who all of a sudden dropped out of Idol for no good reason at all. Well, evidently he's in a little bit of trouble..A former Idol employee claims that Mario Sexually Harassed him by standing outside of his bathroom stall and masturbating outside the door..You gotta really want to be with someone to chase them into a male bathroom stall and peek through the door watching them and touching yourself.
I really wish I was making this up ..

Link To Vazquez Story


At 8:22 AM , Anonymous enigmatik said...

What is wrong with everyone?

At 9:32 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

man i have no idea....but when i saw the Mario story, I was rolling..I made a bet that he would win it all last year and that cat cost me 50 dollaz..I saw this story and had to go after it..


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