Monday, March 12, 2007

Brackets For Dummies..Your Guide to Office Pool

So, as many of you know its that time of year were many of us print out a NCAA Tourney bracket invest 5 of our best hard earned dollars to a local office pool and watch weekend after weekend as our sure fire cant miss picks get upset one after one...The bracket you have ends up resembling a pitcher chart sheet in a baseball dug gout after a game went 16 innings, and the only thing keeping you active is the fact that your Championship Team is still active.

Well Ive made tips that will hopefully change that ...(Note Ive won 3 Office Pools in the last 5 years and finished 2nd in the one I didnt win in)..The one time i didnt fare so well was last year, and thanks to George Mason, LSU and Fla, im sure many people didnt do so hot. (5th place out of 30)

*******I also plan on giving you my picks on a later blog so stay tuned.. *********


1st If it looks to good to be true it probably is.. If you look at your Brackets, and you have 4 #1 seeds in the Final 4 , rip it up and do it again. Since as far back as I can remember (at least the past 12 yrs) this has never happened, and I'm going on record as saying it will not happen this year either..

2nd Expect an Upset. 5 VS. 12 Seeds are always good for one, (glancing at this years bracket, Arkansas looks prime to beat USC.) and 6 vs. 11 always brings intrigue. Don't expect the better number to win. Mid Majors are very tricky. There's a reason why there records are 28-4(Winthrop), 29-4 (Davidson) and 23-9 (Wright St)

3rd. Seniors = Experience..Teams that are stockpiled with 4 yr players have been around the block..There hungrier, more aggressive, and do whatever it takes. George Mason was chock-filled, with 4 Seniors starting, and 2 coming off the bench last year they got all the way to the Final 4.

4th Don't pick with your Heart, Pick with your Neck Hairs..If I was picking with my Heart, Texas would be winning this thing, but the back of my neck hairs stand up whenever I pick them against UNC...Its not going to happen. Pick the team that you know as much as you hate them, you have to respect Duke.

5th It doesn't hurt to ask the Admin Girl= Sometimes you need an outside perspective who is NOT an expert. If you listen to all the media, and all the experts, every last number 1 seed will make it to the final four..As I stated earlier this never happens. Go ask the admin girl to pick a winner..You'll be surprised in her pick. Ive seen pools where the person with the least knowledge of college basketball in the entire 30 person pool won..All b/c they went with there conference teams all the way...That and one of the teams to use her words

"had cuter guys then the other team"

Well I hope this helps you all out there in filling out your brackets. With that said, have fun and stay tuned for my pick.


At 8:21 AM , Anonymous enigmatik said...

We should get a little competition going with the brackets

At 9:37 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

bruh, all you gotta do is say the word, I'll have my pics posted either in the afternoon or the moring for sure....

Infact, here's a fun bet i'll propose, the looser has to profile the winners fav artist while linking the winners blog to the bottom of a post everyday for a week....(i just brainstormed that one)

At 2:57 PM , Anonymous enigmatik said...



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