Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sanjaya Lives Another Day

Times Like this I hate to say i told you so, but anyone honestly naive enough
to think that Sanjaya Malaker was going home last night , needs to stop watching
Idol and go over to Dateline NBC. or hitch a ride over to CBS... You see last night Sanjaya
proved something to me, and probably most of you last night, and that is, as long as there's hate, theres someone who can sympathize.

Many, and I do mean many people want him gone, and much like John Stevens (s4) Kellie Pickler (s6) and Jasmine Triaz (s3) before him Sanjaya has a likability that allows him to stick around elimination after elimination..Plus Simon didn't help saying
"If Sanjaya wins, Im quitting the show"
he's a hated enough entity that many may see that as a challenge and vote for Sanjaya just because they want to see if actions speak louder then words.

So what happens next? I predict Sanjaya will probably beat out Haley Scranato, and earn a spot in the top 10.(at least thats what I'm rooting for.) If this happens, he's automatically eligible to go on tour with the Idols in the summertime and, as contestants before him, watch his star shine all the way to at the very least, a commercial gig for a popular hair care product, or given his youthful appearance, Nickelodeon could give him a ring. Either way, one things certain , Sanjaya has lived to sing, another day .


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