Friday, March 16, 2007

Old School Friday- TLC Baby Baby Baby/Tourney Update

TLC was another 90's group that laid it down and transitioned from New Jack to Hip Hop with there baggy jean, Condom wearing, wall out goofiness in videos.T-BOZ, Chilli and Left-Eye achieved Mega success with 2 multi platinum CD'S and one Diamond CD.I chose Baby Baby Baby, b/c it was one of the first videos they put out that wasn't all loud colors and jumping. Its smooth, easy to listen to, and profiles Chilli, who right after Dawn Robinson, was another woman on E's teen crush list.

Well as many of you know I puffed my chest out and proclaimed no one can out last your boy come tourney time and just like in football, one of my true Dark Horses got sucker punched in the mouth yesterday. You see, I hate Duke, I really do, and its not because of Laetner, or Hurley, or even J-Reddick. I hate duke because they walk on a court thinking the games already won because there Duke. So my heart always tell me to pick against them. My brain however, likes to remind me that coach K is a G.O.A.T... And being a GOAT, means youve been there done that , and wrote a book on how not lose in close games. Well, last night Duke and George Washington 2 teams I had in the elite 8 Lost. So by my math, they may have cost me 64 points or so.

Im still in all of the pools ive entered, and my blog bet with E over at
bgdboom is still in tact even though it took a minor hit with Duke and G-W loosing.


At 7:07 AM , Anonymous enigmatik said...


Smells like Wu-Tang week is approaching over at realpeeplz...or maybe I won't even have you do something music related...maybe I'll have something completely off the wall for you...but hey, I told you Duke would lose. Too bad GW had to mess everything up.

At 7:50 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

its not over yet...

keep all the 2-pac stuff you got hot...Damn Duke ..I cant win from loosin with them..I pick against them, and they get to the final 4, i pick em they get bounced...GW was just sorry...Im just glad we shared in that mess..

At 12:48 PM , Anonymous enigmatik said...

well, there's more mess for us to share since georgia tech lost


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