Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Could Ray-J be the next Mr. Marcus?

Evidently the porn industry was so impressed with Ray-J's sex tape that he's been offered a 4 movie deal and an option to direct. I personally couldnt be more happier for him. Lets face it, he's in a game he cant win when it comes to R&B. Usher, Omarion, Chris Brown, and Marques Houston have all cornered his market. He's had one hot track, and depending on who you ask, some say that One Wish was over sang. This could be his big break..

How much longer must he live in the shadow that is Brandy? Why not strike while the pot's hot , elevate you and Whitney's simmering career by taking the big splash into Pornography..Be honest, who amongst us wouldn't watch it? Lets review his resume, Lil Kim, SuperHead aka Kim Stephans , Kim Kardashian, and Whitney Houston. Bruh's doing his thang, and with some high profile freakz..Might as well get paid for it...

Ray-J's Story


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