Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Carr For Sale

Let me first start out by saying, when I heard that the Texans had agreed in principle to swap there 1st round pick trade this and next years 2nd round pick to the Falcons for Matt Schaub, I was a little torn. I stand behind my position that they should have drafted Vince Young, so I was pissed in that regard, but Matt Schaub, was the Best QB prospect for the past 2 years not named Breez, so that quickly changed my position, from gloom to hope. The move means the Texans are NOT drafting Brady Quinn, and that they wont be selecting a QB on the first day.

So, with that said, my question for the Texans is, what can you get for David, and who's dumb enough to take him? A rattled, rush passing, dink and dunk QB, shouldn't get you much...But honestly, I could care less, the trade means he's not starting in Houston anymore, so thats all that matters to me...What say you?


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