Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pappadeaux Seafood Review

Ima' be honest fam, for those who dont know me, I absolutely love to eat. Specifically seafood. So, as a kid, one of the places, I enjoyed going to was Pappadeaux restaurant. Given the prices, we never constantly frequented the place, but the times we did go I always remembered.

Fast forward to the present, On a lazy Saturday, We decide that we'll take a family trip to Pappadeaux since we havent ate out in a while, and peepz, im here to tell you, it didnt disappoint. First my wife was treated to an exotic multicolored drink called the

Swamp Thing.

Replete with Midori and Chambourd, its guaranteed to leave the avg. drinker feeling quite toasty upon completion.If you go there for nothing else fellas, be sure to treat your lady to one of these...

Shortly after the drinks our food came out, I ordered Australian Lobster tail, and at 32.95, i was eating that thing live if i had to. No need to though, it was spiced excellently, and the mashed potatoes that complimented the 11.3 ounce Lobster meshed perfectly on my pallet.

Then came the piece de resistance, my wifes dinner of Jumbo Shrimp Brochette Bacon-wrapped, stuffed with cheese & spicy peppers, over dirty rice. Price 19.95.. Fam im just going to say this once, You will NEVER taste a better shrimp. This stuffed combo platter was so tasty, that i found myself neglecting my lobster tail. I was very fortunate my wife was feeling her stomach on her second Swamp Thing, because that meant she wasnt going to finish her plate.

Fam, this shrimp explodes in your mouth, and each bite is better then the last one
Im proud to say that the family has found a place to dine out. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars..
Small recommendations: Call ahead, they get packed fast. If you can, leave room for dessert, there cheesecake, is top notch, and finally be prepared to get full, the servings are pretty big.

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