Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ray J Ya did Ya Thang Boy

Its a very good day over here at Realpeelpz, people...I just got through watching the Ray J sextape and I for one came out of it with a different appreciation for the man known as Ray-J..Before I get any comments about how wrong i am or whatnot, lets not act like weve never seen porn before people, and Big-E is the ONLY pervert in the world. Weve all scene it , and If you dont want to watch it dont click on the link, plain and simple..

I wanna give kudos to
Drunkenstepfather for downloading and sharing the entire video and saving a brutha the time and effort of going over to limewire. It wouldve taken hours there. Secondly for my peepz trying to watch it bare in mind that its NOT SAFE FOR WORK. I had to watch it at the crizzib, and highly reccomend the same. It took a lil bit to download, but it was definatly worth it.


Ray J, man in honor of your outstanding performance, you just earned yourself top honors on my blog, and OLD SKOOL FRIDAY will have a Ray J song in that piece, I just gotta dig ona dem biyatches out.. Ima keep it real bruh, i had you as one of those slow hand love making soft corn porn catz, I proudly stand corrected..Bruh, I had to turn the volume down on the laptop, i thought my neighbors could her Kim...


Props to you Kim for making it about the sex and not about you or the camera like your Ditsy friend Paris did. I like your energy, your level of excitement, and your willingness, to take on Ray J..Way to keep it amateur. Didnt think the lil guy had it in him, well we didnt either...Im willing to bet that if you had
One Wish it would have been for Ray J to take it easy on that azz...

All in all people I give this a 4 outta 5 stars fam... Ray proved me wrong and im honored to be sitting here singing his praise...Whitney if you reading this, you betta lock his azz up, I fear there might be some challengers to your throne..rp

As a reminder, this is NSFW so to my peepz at the factory, wait till you get to the crizzib....And to watch the movie click on the link of Drunkenstepfather above scroll down and have fun......e


At 3:29 PM , Anonymous enigmatik said...

You sir, are a fool.

At 7:44 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

bonafied catdaddy..bonafied....


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