Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bracket Love....How Do You Want It!

My peepz. If you didnt know , ya boy is doing pretty ga' dang good heading into the Final Four Next Sunday. To recap, I had A final four of Georgetown vs. The Ohio State University & Florida Vs. Kansas. (Damn Jayhawks) 3 out of 4 aint bad at all. Im in 4 Office Pools total, and Im ranked in the top 3 of each and every one of them. For those wandering who might be leading the internet bet well, as of right now, I am slightly ahead of my boy E over at bgdboom right now with a score of 163 to his 160. Despite losing his championship team, (Kansas) he's still in it. If The Ohio State and UCLA both win, that would knock me out , thus leaving my web page to such sounds like THIS , and if you know me, im trying to make his page sound alot like THIS . So lets root hard for those Hoyas and Gatorz...THUG LIFE.......................rp


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