Wednesday, June 27, 2007

BET Awards Recap

For fist time readers I rate most everything on a 10 point scale...1 = trash 10 =high quality
I just wanna say this before I start, Im of the opinion that BET has been on probably one of the worst declines in TV history..Shows Like Teen Summit, Comic View and Cousin Jeff's Chronicles are what made that channel, and now its not like they dont even exist..You dont have to compete with MTV, there programming isnt whats hot..Originality is..

Enough Soap Boxing..

Performance Rating

Jennifer Hudson and Holliday6
BET's heart was in the right place but I think something was wrong with the acoustics b/c throughout the night the performances sounded like this one..Hollow, and very echoey ( e-word)

Monique Overall 5
She's playin the same card a little to much..Im sorry, but the Beyonce thing this year wasnt near as a shocker it was 2 yrs ago..To steal a quote from Nick Cannon You gotta keep it fresh and not get stagnant..I wouldve have like to see BET play on her comedic abilities, but nope, they played the inspirational card and I think that IT ultimately set the tone for a very bland night.Next year Bring Ced, or Bernie...No more Monique

Performance was very energetic, and one of the only people who performed tonight I could actually understand. He humbled himself when accepting his award, and he showed that he is currently whats hot right now..The only problem I had with his performance was not enough crowd interaction..Maybe its from concerts when I was a kid, but I always thought that the more the artist connected with the crowd the better the performance...

Beyonce/Monique 5
..Beyonce should have song I
rreplaceable..Its the Single womens, and tired wifey's anthem. Not to mention its pasrt of a signature of songs she specializes at. Period..Inviting Monique up on stage to sing/dance with you only made this worse...Outfit was ok, but I was looking for so much more from her.. Once again, I couldnt here much of Beyonce's performance, it sounded hollow as well...

Kelly Rowland/EVE 7
They actually didnt sound that bad, I wasnt blown away, but Kelly is a great dancer, and her and Eve connected really well on stage..

Levert/Gladys Knight/Yolanda Adams/Patti Labelle 9
Arguably one of the best performance of the night..What a tribute...I think Gerald was smiling in heaven at the end of there performances..

T-Pain 6
What the hell, 1 minute ..Maybe..Dont tease us like that.. Be glad you whats hot right now..

Robin Thicke 5
Another one who suffered from acoustic malfunction problems.He sounded bad..The only saving grace was him trying to dance..BTW, Has anyone ever seen him and Timberlake EVER in the same room at the same time..Serious Question..Those 2 look to much alike..

Diddy Kiesha Cole 6
Didnt blow me away, but they wern't near as bad as some others

Neyo and Fab 5
Another Acoustic disaster..Plus im not a big fan of this song

50 Cent 3
Probably the Worst Performance of The Night..I was not feeling him at all..You sing the hook , then for about a minute maybe 3 , the beat just roles as you walk the crowd looking as if youre trying to find G-Unit..Then after this you go back to your hook, rap A verse and thats it...Big props to Vitamin Water

You will NEVER hear about me badmouthing these two ever..Erykah was lookin great and sounding great, Stevie needs no mention..It was Stevie a usual..

Ciara 10..
Energy- Check, Crowd Hype -Check, Explosiveness and Dancing Double Check..This was the best of the night..It for those who watched will be the water cooler conversation..Part of me thinks she was looking at Beyonce at the end of the song when she walked away with the following thought in her head "I just wrecked it, and in time, i'll be taking your spot"

Public Enemy 6
They Tried, But Flav didnt do it for me..He's been overexposed, so to see him wrapping about fight the power doesn't seem right..


Best Actress
Jennifer Hudson No Complaints..

Best Actor
Forrest Whittaker eh.....I'll say this, Will has nothing to be ashamed about...But, he got jobbed at the Academies, and it seems as if he was a casualty here as well

Female Artist
Beyonce Again No Complaints

Male R&B Artist
NEYO...Akon got Jobbed here, but BET cant show solidarity to him..I think this is BS, because he's a fine singer, and you hear him all over the place..To bad to b/c he deserved to win

Breakthrough Artist
JenniferHudson..Corin Bailey Rae got jobbed here..I get the acting awards for J-Hud, but I haven't heard one radio song that could hold a note to Girl put your Record On..Update, I haventr heard one song b/c she doesnt have one..She even admits she doesnt have anything out and was surprised she won...Way to go BET....

Best Colab
Luda and Mary No Complaints

Best Hip Hop
TI No complaint, But I would have liked to seen Chamillionaire nomiated

Gnarls Barkley No complaints

Video Of the Year
Beyonce Irreplaceable..Yeah this might win at the white peoples shows also

BET Choice Award
Lil Weezy..Shocker only b/c this dance crazed catch phrase era didnt pick DJ UNK..

Peepz, I dont want to come off as negative, but this wasnt a very good show at all..I would have liked to have seen Rhianna perform Umbrella, Beyonce sing Irreplaceable, T-Pain go through about a 5 minute set, and at the very least have Chris Brown do something..Now, the show ended with Al Sharpton..I kept waiting and waiting, and no mention of Genarlow...Black people, if this man still speaks for you, then I dont what to tell you at this point..

Back to the Show..Overall..5..My advice to BET, go with what works. Get Chris Tucker or the Wayan Brothers....Monique had her run..Hell, pull a rabbit out of your hat hunt down Dave Chappelle..But, peepz this was not repeat worthy. Oh yeah I almost forgot, those fan things were god awful...The only one even worth mentinoning was the lil kid dancing and rapping with his dad.


At 2:47 PM , Blogger Michael said...

I agree - 50's was the worst performance. His random shout out to Vitamin Water. Augh. I tried his flavor and did NOT like it - it's sugar water.

At 4:02 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

i wont even drink many people pimpin trash..he's just another...


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