Monday, June 18, 2007

Austin Party Like a Rockstar

Ive been to alot of places to party fam...ALOT, and im just gone come out and say it now, Austin shocked the HELL outta me..This past Friday, wifey, me and some friends went up to the States Capital to have some grownfolk fun, and let my testimony confirm, that that place, is indeed a party town...

At some point while on 8th there had to be a stretch of like 20 bars on either side of the street..

And this WASNT including the grown and sexy Over 25 to get in Jazz side... People, if you ever in Texas, take it from a cat who considers himself somewhat of an authority on the state, book a trip to the Capital...TRUST ME on this....Bring some slacks fellas, cuz the grown and sexy side is no blue jeans, and ladies, just come ready to have fun....

For my straight up partiers, the 21 to get in spots were just as good to, we hit a majority of those spots, and it wasnt as young as I expected...UT does infact run the city, so with that said, there are co-eds and those teaching co-eds a plenty out there......


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