Monday, June 11, 2007

Genarlow Wilson..Free or Not..Todays the Day.

For those who were unaware of this case, Genarlow Wilson , Georgia teenager and now 21 yr old inmate was arrested for consensual sex with a minor shortly after a tape of his acts was presented to the local authorities.. Sex amongst teenagers is about as common as the cold and taxes, yet in some states, depending on the age, you can be considered a rapist if the female is considerably younger then the male..Doesnt make it right, but thats the world we live in...

Well, today after testimony given on Friday we should know if Genarlow is Freed... If there is anyone out there reading this before noon eastern, I dont know who you pray to, and I dont know what you do in times for inspiration, but if you can call to your savior on Behalf of this young man, it would be greatly appreciated... This could have happened to any of us, and Lord knows, many of us, have had SEX before the age of 18. Genarlow, were with you in spirit...E

Genarlow Update


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