Thursday, May 31, 2007

If Kobe Baited You In, Raise Your Hand...

Its Ok, im here for you, remember Im the guy who said either Trade Yao or go nowhere, so trust me, its ok to vent your frustrations about your team today...

Analysis of a Breakup..Real Talk..

Ok, Weve all been there, you get into an argument, with your lady, or your man, and all of a sudden, whatevers on your mind is just gonna come out..Irregardless of what it is, youre just gonna say it, and let the chips fall where they may. Well, that , is exactly what many sports fans were exposed to yesterday when Kobe got on the Stephen A. Smith show following quotes from an insider saying he's the reason why The Big Aristotle is no longer in L.A.. There was no doubt in my mind that A. He wasnt sincerely leaving L.A., or B, the Lakerz were even going to get close to Fair Market Value for a guy many consider to be the best in the game since 23 left. But, if it makes you feel better, while at home and on many, chat pages, I will unveil the top 5 trades I saw from fans who are just as fed up as you are with there teams and want some kind of change...

1. Kobe to the Suns for Either Amare and Barbosa, or Marion, Barbosa, and the #24 pick in the draft. ...This intrigued me on a number of levels. Theres no doubt in my mind that both teams win either way. You get one helluva back court with a beast in the middle in PHX, or in LA, you get 2 guys you can build around

2. Ben Wallace and Ben Gordon Straight up for Kobe...Cant see nothing wrong with this trade either, Unless im a Bulls Fan still soft in the middle. Youd still lack that beast who can avg. 15 and 10 down low, but in the east, with Kobe, youre gonna be in every game.

3. KG FOR KOBE straight up... Hey, you take my long suffering star with no help, and well take yours....Enough said..

4. AI, NENE and JR Smith, for Kobe and Luke Walton. It gives LA the Star back after losing KOBE, and he fills the seats, but it does mean KOBE is headed back to Denver..We all know how well that went the last time...

5. Kobe for TMAC straight Up..Unless LA has been living in a vacuum and has been totally oblivious to the others teams around them, it would almost be a perfect one for one swap. Provided, TMAC stayed healthy, and got that nastiness back in him he had in Orlando..Kobe would be pitted along side Yao (a star who doesnt want it in the clutch) and the glaring omissions at point and power forward really wouldnt matter b/c Kobe would have the ball in the 4th anyway.


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