Friday, May 25, 2007

Open Letter To Lebron

Dear Bron Bron,

Ima just come flat out and say it...You not steppin up in the big games is KILLING the NBA...As its biggest star you gotta be there homie...None of this I dont need the big shot for my team to be succseful garbage, b/c you and I both know this is Bull$#!+............You know what F*#$ being Nice.....Lebron, you not as good as that guy who wore 23, or even that guy woh currently weres 24...You know why, b/c they have the cuthroat mentality..They not trying to pass the rock in the clutch...Puck that... They want it, there in there teammates faces when they dont have it, and you best believe b/c of there intensity, the refs are giving these guys every call.. WHERE YOU HEART AT PAT'NA!!!! ?????????

All the commercial's, shoes, and VIP Parties mean absolutly sh!+ if you aint winnin...You aint in my five, hell you aint in my 50 best if you cant realize that..
Take and keep the ball in the clutch..Have a 18 for 30 night, its therapudic....None of this pass first BS no more...Its trash......


A Basketball Fan


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