Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sparks Fly At Idol Finale..

Im Layin it out there....This has been, and forever will be the Unofficial Sanjaya showmelove board, but our secret number 2 showed us last night that she has what it takes to do big things in this here music bizness ...Jordin Sparks performance last night blew away Human Beatbox and performing favorite Blake Lewis , and if you ask me, solidified her seat at the table with Rueben, Carrie, Fantasia and the rest as the next American Idol....

Brief Summary:

Blakes best performance: You give love a bad name..It allowed him the freedom to beatbox, dance and add his personal style to it...I thought after that performance he was a lock to win the whole thing..

Jordins Best Performance: This is My Now..It was a ballad, thats her comfort zone. It allowed her to blow the song up, set up the runs, and nail the hook..Her competitor Blake, isnt very good at Ballads, his weak voice is over exposed every time he has to do one..She over powered him in that regard...

Simon and Randy couldnt emphasize enough that it was a singing competition and not a performance competition, by those rules, Jordan should win in a landslide.. Blakes in a very good performer, who theres no doubt in my mind, will give Justin a solid run for his money, but the guy has no vocal talent....So tonight, if all goes well, dont be surprised if Jordin is the one on the stage at the end when its all said and done...


At 1:03 PM , Blogger P said...

It was the ballad that sealed it for Jordan.

Mind, you, I think Blake is an OUTSTANDING PERFORMER. He really does have that all around capacity to be able to make it because he can entertain very well and cover what is weak.

BUT, Because the songs were ballad based (which they generally are), Jordin had the edge.

I wish both of them the best.

Are you still missing your BFF Sanjaya?

At 1:34 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

why you hafta go there???

you shouldve seen my orginal draft...I had a full sanjaya performer vs. blake performer debate...


If Jordin loses, i may never watch again...She nailed it in the end...


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