Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Thought About Walkin Today Yall..

Im in Texas, yall, San Antonio to be exact , how come I pulled over to get gas, and it said 3.04 cent a gallon..I had to do a double take b/c it kinda shocked me...3.04 cent a gallon. Now for those unaware, I drive a 2004 Dodge @#%^@#$^% Truck...On full that bad boy went to 42 dollars today..My people, my brsin equates that to a really good date.

For 42.00 I could do the following , take the family to the ZOO, Movies and Mc Donalds all in the same Day..(Zoo Pass)

I could buy 5 drinks ,and get inside the Popular Downtown San Antonio Night Club, and when its over, hit up Jack or Mc D's for a night cap. (I'd add T-Bell, but E-coli's a biyatch)

Well you get my drift...This shite is getting stupid..Now, I only work 7 miles away from where I stay, people, Im really considering biking that...Its been a minute, but dem 40 bucks startin to hurt...Your thoughts...


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