Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stayin Alive and Jazz Muzak...

First off, Big Props to the Bullz...It wouldve been easy to lay it down and let what I for see happening in 6 anyway happen last night, but they held there own blowing out Detroit at home yesterday. It goes without saying that the formula for success with the Bulls is focused around the back court, but I tell you what, Tyrus Thomas is the truth. The longer he's on the court the better they play.

And then the Jazz played...First off, big props to the Golden State Warriors..Yall werent even picked by many cats to even make the playoffs let alone beat Dallas. Last night, the Jazz defeated the Warriors and ended the magic ride that the Bay Area had us on for the past 2 weeks. Now, theres potential for a Jazz Spurs Western Conference Final..Two teams as a Rocket fan I personally could permanently do without...Not to mention now with San Antonio coming into tonight's game with the added advantage of playing Phoenix without Amare and Boris...

Ya got that one wrong Commish...


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