Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ottawa's Own Eva Avila Fallin For You..

So own my way to the Bar I hear this Sista on the radio that is just blowin me away with her range and pitch on her voice..(I honsestly hadnt heard someone with this much range Since X-tina Agulieria) I get home (*Eventually*) and google search her and its Canadian Idol Winner Eva Avila..Girlie IS actually Peruvian and French Canadian, gotta love the multiracial peepz..And for my younger single readerz, 19, a model, and atleast to me , is worthy a second look or 2...Fellas you know what im talkin bout....

Anyhow, enjoy the song I bumped along to last night while cruising...It really helped ya boy out , who just for a little FYI got completly Lost again Last night....Its all fun and games until you realize you dont speak French ....More to come to this story so stay tuned....


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