Monday, April 30, 2007

So Akon and R Kelly walk into A bar....

And in this bar, Akon orders a drink..He looks around the room to see if anyone notices him and alas the coast is clear...then all of a sudden the bartender walks over to akon and says "Sir, your drinks been paid for by the man at the end of the Bar"..Disturbed by this Akon grabs his Pina Colada and walks over to the man and says, "Thanks , to whom dom I owe the credit to????"

The man tips his brow, takes off his sunglasses and says, "No son it should be me thanking you." The look on Akon's face is now one of astonishment as the mans identity is revealed, and its none other then R Kelly....He says, "thanks to your new concert footage, I can finally get a little sleep at night...And oh yeah , for what its worth, I didnt know she was 15 homie.." And like that R. Kelly is gone....Akon finishes his Pina , reaches into his pocket to grab his in case of emergency J and lights it up..


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