Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I work with a big time Know IT all A$$...I dont plan to sugarcoat this person's behavior because I actually root for him to fail...In the year and 2 months ive been on this job, Ive sen him throw a pool stick at a woman who was sharking him(the same con he successfully accomplished on 2 people not even an hour earlier) Ive seen him discredit the reliability of our competitor not even 2 feet away from them..(we work in the same office) , and Ive seen him throw caution to the wind and bad mouth our current employer..Fortunate for me in that case our employer caught him in the act as he heard each and every word while standing behind him.. At no point has he once gave me credit for anything..

In the time ive been at this job , there hasnt been a day that went by where Ive asked myself, was the military THAT BAD???? Dont get me wrong, for those who served you know, but my peepz who never have, outside of the school nerd no one payed attention to whos now your supervisor, you can deal with the military, but civillian life is swim with the sharks , or get eaten alive...So last night , while watching the Bulls deliver the Heat there second loss in the series, I came to a moment of clarity, WWRJD...What Would Ray-J Do??

I figured in my case Ray-J would do either 1 of 2 things to make his current employer realize that he mean bizness and should be repsected..

1st He'd pull his pants down and choke out his supervisor with his snake....(Im not gay but you cant miss the size of Ray's package..)

2. He'd go to big sis for advice..

Now since I dont have a big sis with quite the monetary wealth like Brandy, im really left with one other option..Drop Pants apply sleeper hold...Thanks Ray-J, you just made my work day alot easier....E

For my peeps who from time to time get hung up on a problem in life ,work, or whatever, always ask yourself WWRJD??


At 12:04 AM , Blogger Jaimie said...


funny writing!

At 5:17 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

its true..i now have made this my motto in life...


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