Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Love American Idol: Season 3 Fantasia

Well, I gotta be honest, last night was awful for me...Sanjaya got sent home, Lost left me a huge cliffhanger, and I missed my Astros comeback win...But, this morning, things got a little cheery..One of my peepz put me on to a story i'm pretty sure AI as well as Lifetime exec's DO NOT WANT TO SEE.. It doesnt take a genius to figure out who the above is who got her cellphone hacked into, I'm just wandering , in this day and time, can you really be safe with bucky-nekked pics on a sidekick???? Having never had the N.U.T.zzzzz to ever do something so bold, to those who do, are you ever concerned something like this may happen???


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