Monday, April 16, 2007

NBA Playoff Preview 1st Round East Conference

All right peepz, its that time of year again the NBA Playoffs, and while many things are still uncertain as far as seeding goes, my preview is based on the Current Standings..

East Conference.

1. Detroit Vs. 8 Orlando..

What We Know: Detroit is physical, and has one of the toughest lil big men in the league with Chauncy Billups. They are stacked down low with Rasheed, C-Webb, Antonio Mc , and Nazi Mo.
The Orlando Magic are lead by future star Dwight Howard human man child , and Jameer Nelson, there fiesty streak shooting Point Guard who plays every play like its his last.

X Factors: For Detroit The X Factor is Tayshaun..Him being checked by Darko Milicic equals huge mismatch.For the Orlando Magic, there X Factor is Hedu Turkoglu..Hedu is a legitimate deep threat with a soft touch.
Breakdown: Detroit brings to much physical play to this young Orlando Magic Team. I expect Dwight Howard to play big, but he's gonna need a lot of help from his supporting cast to avoid what I predict to be a sweep..

Detroit Wins the series 4-0

2 Bulls Vs. 7 New Jersey Nets.

What We Know: The Bulls bring A Young but experienced Playoff Team with New Additions Ben Wallace and Tyrus Thomas to (certified Bangerz) help aide the solid Back court of Ben I'm on the floor in the clutch Gordon, and Kirt Hinrich. The NewJersey Nets Are a more veteran polished team that has been riddled with injuries this season but a late season surge from Vince Carter and Jason Kidd has kept this team in the hunt and they when healthy are considered a very solid team who could run it up.

X Factors : For the Bulls Luol Deng No Brainer here. If he is on his game, Da' Bulls are going to raise alot of serious hell come playoff time. He's explosive, can defend 4 positions, and his jumpshot when on is incredible. He would bring the 3rd scoring option to this team and take pressure off of Hinrich and Gordon. For the Nets, Rchard Jefferson. He needs to get his groove back desperately. Coming off injury again, his team is going to ask that when Vince is getting Bullied trying to be aggressive, that he provide a spark so they can have any chance to stay wit the bulls.

Breakdown: The Bulls adding Ben Wallace and Tyrus Thomas allow for them to Man Handle week big men down low..New Jersey has week big men fyi.. The nets are solid in the Backcourt, but in order for them to win, they're going to need every outside shot they take to drop, if not, expect a quick out.

Bulls win 4-2

3 Toronto Vs. 6 Washington

I don't even have to break this down. Toronto is the scariest team in the Eastern Conference, with young aggressive athletes like Chris Bosh, TJ Ford and unknown making noise shooting guard Anthony Parker. The Wizards are to banged up at this point for me to mention anybody other then Antwan Jamison.

Raptors Sweep 4-0 (If Arenas and Caron were playing You'd get more )

4 Heat Vs. 5 Cavs.

What We Know: The Cavs bring King James and his merry men of role players led by Larry Hughes, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and Anderson Varejo. For the Heat, D-Wade is back, Shaq is healthy and Antoine Walker seems to have found his stroke.

X Factors: For the Cavs, Drew Gooden and Daniel Gibson and Eric Snow are going to have to play HUGE. D-wade figures to foul out atleast 1 if not 2 people and the person selected as a replacement has to step in and be ready to go. Drew is going to have to play the game of his life against Alonzo Mourning..They figure to be on the court at the same time, and Zo is very intimidating. For the Heat, Zo, Gary, and James Posey are just going to have to play consistent. There games speak for themselves, but against a young Cavs team that no doubt will be playing on a playoff level, the 3 vets are going to have to establish there pressence early.

Breakdown: Tihs one was tough. Part of me still wants to pick the Cavs, but I cant in good faith pick against a Shaq D-Wade Combo (at least not in the first round anyway) In Order for the Cavs to have any shot, there going to need Hughes and Ilgauskas to play beyond there capabilities. Hughes will already be checking D-wade, and I dont foresee that going well for him.

The Heat have been here before, and with Shaq playing like the Shaq of old right now, its going to be a yeoman's job for Z and crew to stop him.. I told you here first, Lebron's gonna have to average 40+ for them to win..No exceptions..

Heat win 4-2


At 3:26 PM , Anonymous enigmatik said...

Pistons 4-0
Bulls 4-2
Raptors 4-1
Cavs 4-3

At 7:35 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

i know how you feel about miami,but shaq and d wade are gonna hu rt dem boyz.


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