Tuesday, April 10, 2007

J Lo Likes Sanjaya, So Should you

Im'a get right to the point peepz, I missed the first 3 people perform on AI last night, It doesnt matter though, It was Melinda safe, Lakisha safe, and the Token Timberland WANNABE, who might be in a little trouble, but may ultimatly be safe...Sanjaya did his thing, and for the first time ever Simon actually like it, and as the avid AI watcher knows, if Simon likes you odds are, youre safe...

So the big question is, when the Music stops, who's gonna be standing there with Seacrest.. Peepz , put your money on Legs (Haley S.) ..She played it up last week, and many women viewers were upset that she objectified herself just to get some more votes, well to show you she cares about her fans, she decides this week to wear even shorter shorts and pretty much put it out there, that if she's gonna be competitive, shes gona have to give'em what they want.. I think this time, it may not enough..

As a side bar, I thought Blake and Frankie-J(Phil S.) performed brilliantly , but Frankie J still gives little kids the creeps at night, so I expect him to be at the bottom as well...


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