Friday, April 06, 2007

My ESPN Cowherd Boycott

First and foremost im a sports junkie..If youre bored enough to go through my archives you'll notice that a majority of my topics focus on sports and otherwise..With that said I listen to alot of sports radio..Tons of it actually..My entire family can verify that your typical car ride with me is nothing but AM searching until I can find my sports fix..Well today im here to tell you as far as ESPN radio goes, family, if its my only option to listen to, then I guess its back to FM and the same old songs over and over again..

Colin Cowherd national morning blowhard who replaced Tony K. said the reason he didnt mention the death of Eddie Robinson was b/c it didnt fit into his" key-demo" and that he's an entertainer, he doesnt cover history...Hmmmmmm.....Here's my problem with his logic, first , he claims to be a college football junkie. Wouldnt a junkie of CFB want to at least acknowledge one of the greatest to ever coach at that level? Second, since when did commenting on a mans death affect ratings? You had no problem commenting on Kirby Pucketts a death the day after he died, and you even decided to rant on about how he was a spouse abuser, rather then let his memory be mourned ..This coming the day after his death..

Colin, you my friend are an ass..Period..Youre not funny, You have never broke anything of significance, and I personally blame you for the decline in sports radio. Youre the guy who pushes the hype of Yankees Red Sox, Duke and for some ungodly reason Trojan Football. Way to picka lil guy you jocksniffing bandwagon jumping go with the best team embarrasment of a journalist. Oh and just so you know, I was a reader. A daily reader at that. Thanks for crashing that page..Dont worry, Missing Link is gonna crash shortly on ESPN, so essentially you and thebiglead will be in the same boat soon.

I use to listen to you while in Seattle, but thank god, for Fox Sports Radio in San Antonio..Heres to you crashing and burning soon....e


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