Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New York Likes To Dance, But Does She Really want to Tango??

Believe it or not, I actually caught the Season Finale of I Love New York Last night. New York, 2 time Flavor Flav reject chose Tango (Patrick Hunter) to be her dude last night over heavily favored Chance. (I initially had that cat in my final 2 so thats not to bad) But, the twist in the deal came whenever TANGO Decided he'd propose to New York on National Television..I gotta admit, Ive seen some brutha's do some pretty crazy ish in my day, but this , this topped it..New York?????????

Did Tango watch Flav of Luv? Doesnt he know she's controlling and probably the biggest Drama Queen on TV? Doesnt he know that in due time, she's gonna look exactly like her momz..Lets be frank, momz aint cute either... Im banking on this being a ploy to boost ratings for the reunion show..Not they needed that, considering my boy Pootie was going to be there, but damn, I sure hope this bruh wasnt serious. For what its worth evidently Monique is draggin Flav's rejects through a good girl boot camp as well so thats gonna get some of my much needed attention. Buckey, Bootz, and Cinnamon though not very classy more then steal the shows attention away...


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