Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rockets, Ray-J and Random thoughts about Lost

Yeah thats what I like to see Rockets, stumbling your way right into the playoffs pretty much guaranteeing a first round exit vs. the Utah Jazz in 4 weeks.. Can someone answer a question that has been bothering me for a minute now, how can a team that has 2 of the top 20 players in the NBA not be able to dominate night in and night out?? How does this team lose to the Warriors , at home no less?? I'll tell you how, no chemistry. This team is undecided in how it wants to beat you..Either theyre gonna run you out the Gym lead by T-Mac, are let Yao do his thing slowing the game to a snails pace. One things certain, they have yet to mesh the two different games together to a solid controlled offense..Until this happens, expect more frustrating first round exits..And for Van Gundy, I dont know how much of these Rockets fans can put up with...

For my People still requesting the Ray-J sex tape. Dont waist your money on someone selling a burnout on the streets, the full tape can be found
here and you can use that money to by Redmans new joint, who I gotta admit ripped ish up...(better & faster download then last time)
Did anybody catch Lost last night? Ifso as you know by now its one of the many TV shows I track, and one of the unsolved mysteries poked its ugly head back onto the small screen yesterday..The Black Death Smoke..This smoke is the reason we no longer have Mr. Ecko, as it ripped through him and left him for dead about 4 months back...Im curious as all get out for Lost to explain how this smoke didnt kill Kate. What, is the black smoke racist?? Does it not like the taste of female flesh? Can it be controlled? Here's what I do know, Lost is finally back on track, but if this doesnt get answered, I might began to "find" interest somewhere else....


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