Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Memba When Suede Jeans..

I actually remember the first time I ran into these fashion nightmares...It was 1992, I was in Junior High School, and at the time I swore I was the only kid without a pair of these jeanz. Then after a while, my care factor shrank, Largely because, the kidz wearing them had the damnedest's time trying to match these pantz with anything..

It started off simple enough..Rayon shirt, b/c as we all know could throw one of those jointz on with anything and it would match..But then, after awhile ya boys would clown you for wearing the same pantz weakly so youd switch up the outfit so the pantz didnt stick out so much...Now you rock these pantz with a tee-shirt preferably a nike joint to match whatever pair of Nike kicks that match..Doing pretty much what ever you can to steal attention away from these pantz..It didnt work , we still noticed..So what do you do when your backs against the wall, you go and purchase the cowprint and brown print and now youve become the show..

Thatz what i remember about these jeans..A fashion mess that may have had a shorter life then Biker shorts and Hammer Pants combined..e


At 9:55 PM , Anonymous enigmatik said...

Fortunately homey...I DON'T memba when these shiznits were in style.

At 10:23 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

cat, it was a very strange time in the early 90's...If I had a dollar for every time I saw these pantz id never have to work again..


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