Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Starving For Idols Is Stupid/Thanks for Quitting

After 16 days our Obsessed Idol watcher who
"was determined to starve herself as long as Sanjaya remained on the show"
is finally hanging it up and calling it a day..People like me are very pissed by this change of events..Didnt she know that we have nothing better to do in the blogosphere but call her out on such "Idol Threats"...

Not that last nights performance wouldve helped, but Im pretty sure that if she were serious, there was a real possibility she could have went almost 2 months without food..(I have Billy Jeans Lil Bro lasting to the top 5 fyi) Oh well, now to Simon who vowed to "leave the show" if Sanjaya the great wins....Well, if early indications are correct, it looks like theres bound to be another week of Simon back pedaling..

For those wandering (b/c I do get the question from time to time) why I back Sanjaya, remember these names..Kellie Pickler, John Stevens and Jasmine Triaz..They stole my hope, so now Ive decided to run and take safety on the Darkside...e

My early prediction..By the way; Frankenstein Jr(Phil Stacey)...with Haley giving him a bear hug b/c shes the closest thing standing next to him on the stage..


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