Thursday, April 05, 2007

Old Skool Friday/Candace Parker Salute

In Honor of Candace Parker staying in school and turning down the mere $50,000.00 offered by the WNBA as a salary weve decided to honor her on the peepz page by dedicating Old Skool Friday to her..Who better then Cameo to sum up what the entire of Rutgers, UNC, and the rest of the womens teams she torched throughout the course of the year Candace combined good looks, great defense and unheard of female athleticism plus she had a midrange game that damn near made her unguardable. To bad she never got off one of her signature dunks, or it really wouldve been Like Candy..Well Candace,, if you ever red this, congrats, and thanks for making womens basketball watchable. I will say however, if you were a man, i'd probably be the first one screaming for you to go pro..Oh yeah, it was pretty cool how you held up the WNBA draft..awesome..


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