Friday, April 06, 2007

David Carr a Panther, And I for one couldnt be more Happier

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that David Carr is to become the Newest Panther to the fold and I for one couldnt be happier..You see a while ago, I told myself back a second team just in case your first team decides to up and move again(see Houston Oilers) and in doing so, I chose to follow the Atlanta Falcons..The signing of Dinking and Dunking Carr means that the moment Delhomme gets injured, and from my panther readers, its more a matter of when then if, insert David to plummet the season in true Carr Fashion..My Falcons are known for blowing games they should win, David wil offset this by a game or 2 thus making his signing well worth it. This is a good day to be a Falcons fans people. Mark my words anything this premadonna touches turns to well you know, but at least he's no longer as long as he's no longer a Texan, thats fine by me...


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